Wix Website Design for Entrepreneurs

Build a website like a professional! Bonus lectures on branding, content creation, landing pages and more! | taught by Traci Synatschk

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UPDATE: Recently updated to feature the new Wix editor, and bonus lectures on developing your branding, creating must have content pieces and building landing pages in 15 minutes or less!

Fast-Track Wix Website Design for Weekend Website Warriors is a step-by-step, guided tour to build a website over the weekend... or any two days. We will focus on identifying elements your website needs, creating a branding guide to ensure consistent branding on your website, and create the 5-7 must have content pieces every small business website needs.

Develop Key Content Every Website Needs and Build & Your Website Today with video tutorials that cover:

  • The design and page elements every website should have.
  • Search engine optimization is and how to ensure your site has it.
  • Develop a branding style guide to use in building your website.
  • Develop the key content pieces every small business needs.
  • Build a website in just a few hours using the content your created and a template website on Wix.
  • Optimize your website for mobile viewers.
  • Promote your website with email marketing plugins.
  • Publish your website and connect it to a custom domain.

If your business idea is waiting on a website, wait no more! Build and launch your website right now.

Website design is often overwhelming to business owners. It can also be costly, between designers, hosting, plug-ins, e-commerce and email marketing integration. I developed this course to help small business owners overcome those obstacles through a step by step guided course that interactively teaches and then provides an opportunity for you to complete the same actions before moving on to the next step.

Throughout the course writing prompts, branding guides, and live screencasts are all provided over a series of 29 lectures to ensure a winning outcome. Lectures consist of a combination of video instruction, downloadable writing prompts to help you develop the key content pieces for your website, and screen cast lectures to assist you step by step in building your website.

At the completion of the course you are encouraged to join our Facebook Alumni group for feedback on your website and networking with other business owners in a supportive forum.

Traci Synatschk
Traci Synatschk
Small Business Strategist