Master Your Marketing

The most efficient way to create 30 Days of Content in 3 Days or Less | taught by Traci Synatschk

Course description

Master your Marketing will cover how to identify your marketing needs, develop an annual marketing plan and discuss strategies for efficient ways to create and post-marketing content.

There has been monumental growth in the number of entrepreneurs over the last decade. Whether they are full-time entrepreneurs or individuals operating a second business in their spare time, most entrepreneurs struggle with balancing all of the roles required of a single person to operate a successful business. 

This micro-lesson will focus on learning and implementing strategies for marketing efficiency. Learners will walk through a three-part micro-course where they will create an annual marketing plan, implement best practices for creating 30 days of content, and take action on efficiency strategies for scheduling and distributing their marketing content.

Traci Synatschk
Traci Synatschk
Small Business Strategist